Different FORMS Of Cannabis Concentrates

The are different forms of cannabis Concentrates. Cannabis concentrates aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling way too high off of a joint, you might want to steer clear of concentrates. Boasting THC levels up to four times higher than joints, concentrates will send you to outer-space if you aren’t a regular user.

However, for the experienced cannabis users in our audience, here are some of the hottest concentrates that people can’t keep their hands off.


Hashish is potentially the oldest cannabis concentrate there is. Appearing throughout Arabia as early as 900 AD, hash has been said to translate to either “grass” or “assassin” in Arabic. (Perhaps it means both?) Either way, this concentrate was first made by rubbing the marijuana plant in your hands until you had resin all throughout your palms and fingers. At this stage the resin would be rolled into balls called “charas” which could then be added to joints or smoked in pipes to achieve a stronger high than just smoking flower.

Nowadays, hash is made using sieves, sometimes mechanically, which is referred to as “drysifting”.

If you’ve ever used a grinder, chances are you’ve done some drysifting yourself. The finer powder that you are sometimes left with at the bottom of your grinder is known as kief and is its own form of mild cannabis concentrate.

From there, one only needs to heat and compress the kief into a block shape to create hash. Hash is a milder concentrate, but can still have 2-3 times higher THC levels than the traditional plant.

And if regular hash doesn’t do it for you, you can also separate the cannabinoids from your plant using ice cold water, which will lead to bubble hash.


As we mentioned, the expansion of the concentrates market is actually mostly due to vaping.

Because vaporizers don’t reach the point of burning plant matter, vape users can avoid the harmful effects that come with smoking. The second you burn the plant, you’re not only inhaling cannabis, but also carcinogens and other toxins. These can lead to respiratory issues and even cancer. In short, vaping gives you all of the good, with none of the bad.

Another benefit to not burning the plant is also the smell which follows. While some may love the smell of a burning joint, those around you might not. Vapor isn’t as pungent as smoke which means vaping will leave less of a scent behind for those around you.

To get high using a vape you’ll need what is referred to as “THC vape juice.” In essence this is just concentrated THC mixed with flavouring and propylene glycol. Be warned though, THC vape juices can have THC content levels up to 90%.


Tinctures are a convenient and inoffensive way to consume cannabis, and are sold in a dropper bottle containing a mixture of alcohol and THC extract. Despite their ease in usage and dosing, tinctures actually remain fairly rare.

More people opt for CBD tinctures that are low in THC to achieve the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the high.

Tinctures have the benefit of being not only quick-acting, but also highly versatile. You can add tinctures to most foods or beverages, and they’ll essentially become edibles.

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